Why do people want Jesus?

The Collector of Lost Sheep

 Because SINNERS feel their Sins are too many, to great to pass YHWH Judgement. Jesus is a ONE STOP SHOP EXCUSE for falling short = Daily sin or to error in life... Jesus provides the perfect goal or Testament for sinfulness. A Testament to COVER UP YHWH undeniable truths and laws!

People and Satan alike desired to SIN against YAH, to get away with it ongoing. But they do not wish to be judged or to go to eternal Hell for disobeying. Jesus, provides the solution that all SINNERS wanted! He basically said put all your Sins on me. ~ I will take ALL the Sins of Mankind down to Hell and drop THEM off on a Tuesday. Then I will conquer death and go up to YHWH on Friday, and give everybody that believes I done it ETERNAL life in exchange for thier belief. Why? Because you believed in me. Jesus puts himself in the way of YAH's perfect Kingdom plan for salvation. He asks Sinners and all of Israel to follow the Son of man, as he changes (fulfills-makes better) YAH's old outdated unwanted laws. (What not to love about that!) A more generous, graceful, peaceful, compassionate Lamb of God; Jesus forgives and covers our unwanted SIN! That's what all the Fallen Angels wanted YHWH to do!  

If all the World cannot follow YAH, (live in obedience) Put your sinful lives in (JESUS™) compassionate hands. All you need is a little bit of FAITH in HIM. A Mustard seed will do. He will take all your lifelong Sins of murder, lying, cheating, stealing, false witnessing and down right ongoing disobedience - even thinking about it... Down to the gates of Hell, and drop your Sins off like dirt. As for YOU, he will wipe your grown adult disobedient ASS clean, for Heaven! Now, don't you feel better about living a lifetime in Sin. Who needs YAH's perfect plan! The farther you go into "SIN" the Wilderness, the deeper in debt you become to Jesus! He owns you. You are now a lost sheep in a World of Wolves. No longer trying to be a child of righteousness.

Jesus came for the SINNERS and the lost sheep, those are HIS SOULS. So I ask!!! Are you a Sinner, are you still a lost sheep?


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