Who are we, Israelites?

Descendants of dispersed slaves

Descendants of the peole enslaved by the Trans Atlantic and East African Slave Trade have long been considered people without a home, nation, culture or history. Times are changing and YAH (YHWY) the Most High God of the Hebrew Bible has begun to reveal the truth about the people chronicled in what is know by Christians as the Old Testament, by Muslims as People of the Book, and Jewish as the Torah and Tanakh.

We are the People in the Hebrew Bible which chronicles the lives and prophecy of a people whom YAH has created covenants with through our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and King David.  These covenants established us as people "set apart" from the other nations with a particular set of law, statues and regulations (detailed in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus and Dueteronomy) that we must follow in order to receive the blessings of prosperity, protection and providence articulated in  Deuteronomy 28:1-14.  

Our ancestors failed to follow these laws, statues, and regulations subjecting us to the Curses (Alah) articulated in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 promising that we would be uprooted from our homeland, oppressed, assualted, murdered, and dispersed amongst the nations as slaves via ships. Through the prophets in the Hebrew Bible YAH foretold and memorialized that our oppression would continue for centuries until an appointed time in which the truth of our identity would be revealed to our position as we the Children of the Most High would be restored as articulated in Isaiah 60.

In 2015 the United Nations declared a 10 year span between 2015 and 2025 as the International Decade For People of African Descent (UN Resolution 68/237) in which the Interanational community is making a supportive effort to restore our history, homeland, and culture.  The only step remaining is for you to acknowledge and accept your identity by following YAH laws, statues, and commandments. 


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