Is the Old Testament a religous book?
No, the Old Testament is a historical record of the Hebrew People and their relationship with their divine authority (God), YHWH, whom also is the creator of the Universe.

Who are the Hebrews described in the bible?
The Hebrew are the people in the Old Testament that descend from Noah's son Shem.

Are all Hebrews Israelites?
No, Isrealites are Hebrews that are descendants of Shem's 12th generation grandson Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. Therefore all Israelites are Hebrews but not all Hebrews are Israelites. There are many generations of Hebrews that are not descendants of Jacob or included in YHWH covenant with the Israelites.

Can anyone become an Israelite?
No, being a Israelite is genetic. If your father is not an Israelite then you are not.

How do I know if I am a Israelite?
Their are many prophesies that have indicated the unique conditions that Israelites and their descendants have been and will be subjected to. Those events include the transatlantic slave trade, chattel slavery, loss of heritage, systematic destruction of the familial ties, and enduring captivity. If you are a descendant of a patrilineal line that has been subjected to these conditions then you are likely an Israelite.

What is a YahDein?
YahDein comes from the Bambarra language which is a language very similar to Hebrew. "Dein" means "Child". Yah is a subjugation of Yahweh the phonetic expansion of YHWH. If you are reading in a manner consistent with our ancestors, right to left, the YahDein translates as "Child of Yah".

How do I become a YahDein?
If you are a genetic Israelite then you become a YahDein by accepting and committing to the conditions of his covenant.

Are all Israelites YahDeins?
No, YahDeins are Israelites that have knowingly and willingly taken an Oath to fullfill Yah's covenant. With that said all YahDeins are Israelites.

If my father is not an Israelite how do I become one?
For men that is not possible. Most women are able to become Israelite by uniting with an Israelite man through marriage.

What is the Mission of YahLife?
YahLife's mission is to restore Yah's Kingdom on Earth through obedience to Yah's laws, statues, commandments, and prophetic guidance.

Why have African countries, in spite of their wealth of resources, been unsuccessful in developiing their countries into global economic powerhouses?
When YHWH was bringing about the destruction of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and Southern Kindom of Judah he charged the prophet Ezekiel with making the Kings from the existing kingdoms of that time drink from a cup that contained Yah's "Wine of Wrath" preventing their leadership from making their kingdoms successful in the future. As a result, these kingdoms have been plagued by death, famine, disease, and poor leadership.

Is biblical Israel in the same location as present day Israel?
No, biblical Israel is in Southern Africa. The country currently referred to as Israel was establish on May 14, 1948 as a permanent settement for Khazarian and other european ethnicities that practice the Jewish (jew like) religion to establish their homeland.

If Biblical Israel is in Southern Africa then why don't the directional cues provided in the bible support this belief?
The Old Testament uses terms like "Abraham went down into Egypt" or "Up into the Negev". These directional cues aren't consistent with present day maps because they are drawn from a Euro-Centric perspective not a Hebraic. European maps a drawn from a heirarchial perspective. Europe is at the top of the map because the top is considered a position of dominance. Hebraic maps were drawn from a logical perspective. Hebraic maps considered the top of the map to be the point of the highest elevation or the place from which rivers flow downards. In Africa rivers flow from South to North thus the south is at the top of the map. In essence, the directions cues provided in the bible presume a hebraic map making perspective. Point in case is that Negev is the hebrew word for "South". Therefore "Up into the Negev" is actualy consistent with a Hebraic orientation.

Is Alah mentioned in the Old Testament? If so why shouldn't I worship Alah?
Yes, Alah is used many times in the Old Testament and is translated as the oath and curse. You should not worship a curse that continues to promote your oppression and disconnection from YHWH by trespassing the first commandment to put no other God before YHWH


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