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Stabilization Income Summary


On March 13th, 2019 an ad hoc Yahlife Tribal Council led by Tribal Chief Justice YahDeinKe Rasaan James reviewed and indicated preliminary approval for the adoption of Yahlife’s Inaugural Income Stabilization Plan. The Income Stabilization plan is designed to provide Yahlife households a monthly income up to $5,800 per month (175 percent of the net living wage index) for Ambassador and Magistrate led households based on tenure and community service contributions.  Financier and Justice led households are eligible to receive significantly higher...  Click here for the announcement.


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Yahlife Offers Scholarships to 9 Innovations Sports Performance Institute

In recognition of the tacit reality that our communities are under resourced, Yahlife Nation is providing scholarships to Nine Innovations Sports Performance Institute to aspiring young athletes and to African Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) that want to participate in professional group training exercises to enhance their health and wellness.

Lack of monetary capital should not be a barrier to reaching your goals and aspirations as an athlete or ensuring your health and wellness as a member of our communities through guided exercise and nutrition support.

Nine Innovations has directed the training regimen for countless professional athletes and health conscious fitness enthusiasts for years. We welcome the opportunity to increase access to these programs for members of Our communities through this scholarship program.

To apply for a scholarship to one of Nine's programs click here.