On March 13th, 2019 an ad hoc Yahlife Tribal Council led by Tribal Chief Justice YahDeinKe Rasaan James reviewed and indicated preliminary approval for the adoption of Yahlife’s Inaugural Income Stabilization Plan. The Income Stabilization plan is designed to provide Yahlife household a monthly income up to $5,800 per month (175 percent of the net living wage index) for Ambassador and Magistrate led households based on tenure and community service contributions.  Financier and Justice led households are eligible to receive significantly higher monthly Stabilization Income distributions.

The council directed Yahlife Community Chief YahDeinKe Kyrstopher OjiYah-Darkins to post the proposed plan on the internal community boards for seven days of review and discussion prior to requesting a follow on Tribal Council meeting to finalize the ratification of the Income Stabilization Plan.

Community Chief OjiYah-Darkins stated “I am confident this Stabilization Income plan will help make the Citizens of our nation better positioned financially to focus on building wealth and prosperity within our communities. I am optimistic we will begin implementation of this plan within the next 30 days and household distributions within 60 days.”

Details of the Income Stabilization Plan are located on the Citizen Activity dashboard and currently open for comments until 3 pm CST March 24th, 2019.